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Each piece is precious and has personal value and with time, it needs care. My Goldsmith offers you a portfolio of services that will ensure the beautiful restoration of your treasured jewel.
  • Simple Cleaning

    A non-abrasive way of cleaning your Jewellery to remove impurities, dust and fingerprints form the surface of your precious jewel. Please feel free to visit our boutique to treat your jewel to this complementary service.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

    A process of deep cleansing which helps in removal of dust and debris stuck deep within jeweled pieces which are not easily removable through simple cleaning. This particular process is restricted only to certain Jewellery and coloured stones; Pearls, corals, antique coins and delicate gemstones cannot be cleaned through this process.

  • Refurbishing

    Has your jewel lost its original splendor or are you bored of the design? You could choose to get your Jewellery polished to bring back its shine or even decide to change the colour to change it from yellow to the in trend rose gold rhodium.

    Resetting is another process wherein, we could utilize the diamonds from your old piece and create a brand new design out of it.

  • Pirohi

    A restringing process popularly known as ‘Pirohi’. Have frequently worn pearls and coloured stone strings restrung as per your requirements.

  • Engraving

    Primarily done on broad rings and bangles. You could choose to engrave your special message in different fonts.

  • Resizing

    Resizing is available for rings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles. This is restricted to the design, our executives at the store can suggest the best possible solution to you.

  • Repairs

    Regularly servicing your jewel is recommended to extend the life of your fine Jewellery piece. Replacing any missing stones, soldering any damaged components, tightening any loose screws and clasps. We would be happy to assist you to help restore your jewel to its full splendor.